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„Greenz“ snack with calcium and vitamin D

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Dates (38.7%), raisins (29%), sunflowers (23.7%), dried carrots (5.7%), dried strawberries (1.4%), mixture of calcium and vitamin D, salt, rosemary extract, fruit extract. May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts. NO ADDED SUGARS. SOURCE OF PROTEIN. SOURCE OF FIBRE. Contains naturally occuring sugars. Warning: may contain crushed date stone residue. Produced in Lithuania.

Nutritional value 100 g: calcium - 387 mg, vitamin D - 2,4 µg. 

Nutrition information

Nutrition/пищевая ценность
Nutrition/пищевая ценность 100 g
Energy/энергетическая ценность 1626 kj/388 kcal
Fat/жиры 12,6 g
of which saturates/из которых кислоты жирные насыщенные 1,4 g
Nutrition/пищевая ценность 63,8 g
of which sugars/из которых сахара 52,7 g
Protein/белки 8,1 g
Salt/cоль 0,02 g
Fibers/волокна 7,7 g